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Carpet Water Damage in Robina

When your carpet gets water-damaged (whether it be by a flood, storm or other unfortunate circumstance such as a burst pipe), it is critical to start the repair process as soon as possible and in the correct way.

That’s where our experts at Refresh Carpet Cleaning at Robina come in! Our trained professionals provide 24/7 services, and will assess the type of damage, establishing the fastest and best way to extract the water and complete the repair process. The quicker the carpets can be repaired, the better, so that the carpets can be restored to their former glory (and to prevent the growth and spread of stains and mould).

Our team in Robina will use the best equipment and techniques to ensure the extraction of water from your water-damaged floors, ensuring they are dried as quickly as possible. If you do decide to remove the carpet and get rid of it completely, we can remove it, dispose of it and dry the underlay, ready for your new carpet to be laid.

Our team will do all - from removing all furniture and electrical equipment from affected flooring, removing moisture from the underlay, applying mould treatment, ensuring the underlay is dry and re-stretch/re-lay the carpet, before taking the final step of steam-cleaning and deodorizing.

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