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Carpet Flooding and Wet Carpet Repairs Sydney

When it comes to a flood water emergency affecting your carpet, Refresh Carpet Restoration is number one in Sydney for commercial and residential carpets. We have the right equipment for big or small wet carpet repair jobs. Call the experts for all wet carpet or floor flooding emergencies. Call us today on 0488 963 678.

Our carpet water damage repair technicians have truckmounts, wet vacuum machines and portables for extracting flood water from carpet underlay and wooden floors. We have air dryers for rental and free delivery and setup of dehumidifiers.

Wet Carpet and Floor Air Dryers

mobile wet carpet dryers in Sydney

Flooded Carpet FAQ

Q 1. I have wet and damaged carpet from water flooding from the washing machine, do I need air dryers?

Yes you need air dryers after water has been extracted from the carpet, and the carpets disinfected.

Q 2. I have water flooding onto my carpets from my hot water system, do I need air dryers or dehumidifiers to dry my wet carpets?

Yes you need both, after flood water has been extracted from your wet floors by a trained Refresh Carpet Restoration technician.

Q 3. I have water flooding from the ceiling onto my upholstery and carpet, and my expensive rug. Do you dry upholstery?

Yes we do, by extracting water out, disinfecting, and applying browning treatment.

Q 4. Do you pull up my wet carpet to check and see if water has gone through my carpet and underlay to the concrete?

Yes we do check the underlay and concrete, and leave air dryers underneath the wet carpet to dry underlay and concrete.

Q 5. Do you restore the wet carpet after drying it?

Refresh carpet does carpet water extraction, cleaning, disinfecting and restoration all in one.

Q 6. The video and photos you have on your website, are they carpet water extraction and cleaning jobs you have done in the past?

Yes. The video is from commercial and residential premises using carpet drying equipment.

Q 7. How long has Refresh Carpet Cleaning been doing carpet water restoration?

We have been doing carpet flood water restoration for more than 10 years for commercial and residential properties.

Q 8. What is the wet carpet water damage restoration process?

Water extraction, moving furniture, checking underlay and concrete, leaving air dryers and dehumidifiers on site if needed. Applying browning treatment and a final steam cleaning. We then restore the carpet back by relaying and re-stretching if needed.

Q 9. Do you do wall and floor moisture checks?

Yes we use our moisture reader to measure moisture levels in the structure of your home or office. We dry the walls and floors by leaving dehumidifiers and air dryers on site.

Q 10. Do you change underlay if it is needed?

Yes we do.

Q 11. Do you change the carpet if needed?

Yes we do.

Q 12. Do you remove, take away and dump old carpet, underlay and wooden floors?

Yes we do.

If you been victim of flood water damage we can help you get your home or business back on track. Call us for a 24 hour, 7 day response for all carpet and floor water emergencies across all Sydney suburbs.

If you have water flooding from a dishwasher or an overflowing sink, we are happy to come and dry your premises.

Do you have carpet water damage from a burst pipe or dishwasher? Roof leaks,washing machine or hot water system leak? For relief from any flooding disaster call us now.

Refresh Carpet Cleaning is a professional carpet water restoration company in Sydney. We have the fastest drying system for all flood damage. We have the most powerful carpet water extraction process for wet carpets and wet floors.

Rent air dryers and dehumidifiers by booking online.

We also disinfect carpets and floors, making sure we treat and prevent wet carpet water damage marks and mould.

Carpet water extraction by Refresh Carpet Restoration. We look after commercial and residential premises - call the professionals on 0488 963 678. .

We have been in service over 10 years repairing carpets from emergency flooding, drying and cleaning carpets and floors.

Flood damage can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. When treated quickly, damage is minimised and restoration costs reduced. Cleaning your carpets with a micro-ban solution helps prevent mould and mildew. Our professional flood damage restoration methods utilise advanced air movers that propel large quantities of air along floors, carpets and walls in order to reduce drying time.

emergency carpet cleaning Sydney

Whether you have flood damage to your carpets, or unexpected leaks, we fully understand the urgency of removing the flood water as soon as possible. Experts agree that flood damage occurs within the first 48 hours. Reduce your costs and the likelihood of mould and mildew by acting quickly.

You can expect first class flood damage repairs and wet carpet restoration every time with Refresh Flood Damage and Wet Carpet Restoration. Our technicians are experts in water damage restoration and carpet damage repairs.

When you choose us you can rest assured you are in safe hands, as we are fully insured and certified.


0488 963 678.





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