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Sydney Suburbs

Carpet Cleaning and Water Extraction

Welcome to Emergency Carpet Cleaning and Water Damaged Carpet Repairs Sydney. Low cost carpet water extraction 24/7 services across Sydney.

If you have had torrential rain, subsequent burst pipes, washing machine leaks, an overflowing bathtub, flooding in your home or office, it is a devastating situation.

We provide water extraction in your home or office for wet carpets, wet floors, wet mattresses, sofas and rugs. If you have water damaged carpet or wet floors contact us by phone 24/7 - fast response - same day service.

Water extraction removes excess water from the carpet with an extraction machine. It is the first step in the water restoration process to prevent mould and permanent damaged to your carpets and floors.

What to do before a professional carpet restorer arrives:

  • move all electrical appliances away from the water damaged areas (if safe to do)
  • move as much furniture as you can away from the wet carpet and water damaged areas (put nylon or aluminium foil under furniture)
  • soak as much of the water out of your carpets with towels as you can
  • call a professional carpet restorer
emergency carpet drying Sydney

Our technicians have wet vacuum machines, truckmounts and portables for extracting water from wet carpet underlay and wooden floors. Call us in a flood emergency to protect and restore your carpets and floors.

We have air dryers for rental and free delivery of dehumidifiers to help dry wet carpets, wooden floors and walls, preventing damage, mould and mildew.

emergency carpet cleaning Sydney


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You can expect first class carpet cleaning every time with Refresh Carpet Cleaning. Our water damaged carpet repair technicians use hot water carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning methods on carpet, upholstery, sofas, mattresses and rugs. We are experts in cleaning and treating Suede, Wool, Leather, Velvet and most other upholstery.

When you choose us you can rest assured you are in safe hands, as Refresh Carpet Cleaning is fully insured and certified.


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