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Dehumidifier Hire Sydney

It has become easy to hire dehumidifiers all around Sydney metropolitan suburbs online and face to face, as we do mobile equipment hire.

Dehumidifier hire prices in Sydney low prices you can rent dehumidifiers from $149 a day.

  • Dehumidifier monitoring $120 a day
  • Dehumidifier ducting from $180 a day

How to set up dehumidifier

We set them up at your premises and Monitor them everyday to check on the drying and on how much water is collected.

Dehumidifier Ducting drying is one of the most effective ways to dry the structure we set up a dryer/blower behind the dehumidifier to get the right airflow throughout the premises.

We do moisture readings throughout the drying process to check on how everything this drying and it then indicates on when the drying is completed.

We offer cool and heat drying through the dehumidifier.

We put dryer/blower in front of the dehumidifier to run fast air throughout the premises.

Questions asked

Do you need a dehumidifier hire in sydney 24/7?
Yes we come to you and set it up all year round.

Do I need a dehumidifier after water damage?
Yes you do as it collects and withdraws all the water and moisture in the water damage area.

Why are we different when it comes to dehumidifier hire?
Because we have top best dehumidifier in Sydney we use dri-ease American brand.
We also have our own brands of dehumidifier Australian certified and tested and we are Fast response and set up and delivery.

We have 30, 50, 60 and 90L Dehumidifiers we cover all water damage situations.

Dehumidifier is an air conditioner device.

While air conditioners throw cool air into the room, dehumidifiers pull out moisture from the air.

The benefits of the dehumidifier is eliminate any mould and climate control throughout your premises and withdraw the moisture/ humidity in your home and office.

Dehumidifier ducting drying process

  1. We do moisture readings to check the moisture levels
  2. We locate the safe point of the wall cavity
  3. We drill holes in the walls and kitchen and bathroom cupboards
  4. Then we attach the ducting to the dehumidifier and the wall/cupboards
  5. Then the dehumidifier is turned on
  6. We monitor the drying throughout the whole process

The best place to put a dehumidifier is closer to the area affected by moisture, basement always have high humidity and when you live near the ocean or in high moisture places it’s always ideal to have a dehumidifier to eliminate mould.

Benefits of dehumidifier

  • Eliminates mould or mildew as mould occurs from high moisture
  • Water damage flood situations
  • prevents musty odour
  • Minimises condensation
  • Helps with allergies
  • Helps on your home valuation where there is moisture reduces chances of walls paint stripping.

Having a dehumidifier as a homeowner Is one of the best investments you can have as your looking after your family’s health long term.

Please see below video and photos of our dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier withdrawing water out

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