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Carpet water damage do it yourself Easy with Refresh Carpet Cleaning in 2022

Save Time and Money!!

Refresh Carpet Cleaning delivers all equipment needed to Sydney, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. From carpet water power stretchers, carpet kickers and carpet shears and knives.

How to do carpet water damage yourself?

  1. Safety is first. Turn off all electricals and move to a safe place including and wet items
  2. Make sure you put protective seals underneath wooden furniture.
  3. You must have a laser device to check all power points are not affected by water (here is our the number for the hire of equipment 0488 963 678.)
  4. Carpet water extraction by a wet vacuum machine
  5. Uplift the carpet from the corners
  6. Underlay/concrete water extraction
  7. Uplifting the carpet needs to be done the right way, and make sure the carpet doesn't rip as your uplifting the carpet, lift it gently. For more information call us for free assessment
  8. You must open the carpet joint to place the carpet drying, placing the carpet in the right space speeds up the drying process. Contact us for carpet dryer hire, set up and delivery
Hire carpet drying equipment in Sydney carpet water damage repairs, DIY, 2019 Sydney

If the underlay is too soaked and comes apart and the smooth edge is soaked they must be removed and disposed of.

Refresh Carpet Cleaning offers carpet underlay and smooth edge removal and disposal in Sydney, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Here is our contact number for more info 0488 963 678.. We also sell new underlay and new smooth edge and fit them for you!

Safety is first as smooth edges have nails and can injure you, use gloves, hammer and a crowbar. Place the crowbar under the edge, hammering the crowbar lightly and push the crowbar arm down. For more help please contact us by phone, email or text our support line 0488 963 678..

You must apply carpet water damage treatments to prevent mould. We also provide carpet water damage treatments which you can purchase from us.

carpet water damage repairs, DIY, 2019 Sydney

What We Can Do For You

  1. Set up commercial carpet dehumidifiers in the right area for your water damage issue. Please provide the size/area damaged so we know how many units to bring.
  2. Moisture readings on carpet
  3. Adjusting the equipment, as this is a proccess and takes at least 3 days (depends how much water is in carpet and underlay)
  4. Returning to site to check floors with moisture reader, and check the percentage of the moisture
  5. If right readings come back, re-lay carpet by using carpet kicker and in some cases if carpet has shrunk we use a power stretcher
  6. Final steam cleaning if needed

Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding any carpet water damage tools on 0488 963 678..

carpet water damage repairs, DIY, 2019 Sydney carpet water damage repairs, DIY, 2019 Sydney

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