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Sydney Suburbs

Wet Carpet Repair Price List Sydney

What's the difference between wet carpet repair and carpet re-stretching?

Wet Carpet Repair is repairing the carpet, replacing the smooth edge and underlay.

wet carpet repairs, Sydney 2018
Carpet Re-stretching, results in the whole piece being re-stretched back into it's original position, removing any bubbles, shrinkage, and re-fitting neatly to the edges of the room or space.

wet carpet restretching, Sydney 2018

Why is carpet repair important?
There are trip hazards and the potential to slip on uneven carpet. Sharp nails from smooth edge need to be re-attached to avoid injuries in childcare centres, nurseries, homes and offices etc.

Can you do carpet cleaning and carpet re-stretching around the same time?
Yes re-stretching removes all bubbles and smooths carpet back into position, then it's ready for carpet steam cleaning. Refresh offers packages for quotes same day service discounts.

Carpet mould can appear for a number of reasons such as having wet carpet or just having moisture in the room. We assess the mould damage and choose the right method to remove the mould from the room and carpet if needed. We use moisture devices and commercial dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air, furniture and floors, walls, and antibacterial treatment is applied after the special cleaning is done, to the mouldy area with our rotary scrubber.

"Refresh your carpet after wet carpet damage"

How to fix carpet after wet carpet damage?
After carpet has been left unattended for a period of time, we assess the damage and use the right methods for the restoration process. We start with carpet hot water extraction, then install carpet air dryers to dry out carpet and underlay. After drying is complete we use a power stretcher to re-smooth carpet back into position and a final steam clean is done.

emergency carpet cleaning Sydney
As our valued customer, we always choose the right method to repair your wet carpets in minimal time, and provide you with the lowest costs possible to save you money.

Refresh repairs all types of wet carpet including carpet tiles, wool carpet, synthetic carpet, polyester and nylon carpets. We repair carpet joint seams, where carpet has torn where the carpet was originally joined.

We provide free insurance claims for all our valued customers.

Contact us on 0488 963 678. for our 24 hour emergency carpet repair service or a free quote. Wet carpet is our business!

Services We Offer

Go to Sydney suburbs, to see our complete service area.

Our repair technicians use hot water steam cleaning and dry cleaning methods on carpet, upholstery, sofas, mattresses and rugs. We are experts in cleaning and treating Suede, Wool, Leather, Velvet and most other upholstery.

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Get in touch for a free quote today, you won't be disappointed with our quality service.

What to do Before a Professional Carpet Restorer Arrives

  • Stop the water leak if possible
  • Move all electrical appliances away from the water damaged areas (if safe to do)
  • Move as much furniture as you can away from the wet carpet and water damaged areas (put nylon or aluminium foil under furniture)
  • Soak as much of the water out of your carpets with towels as you can
  • Ventilate the area by opening windows/doors
  • Arrange direct access for one of our capable technicians - our technicians have wet vacuum machines, truck mounts and portables for extracting water from wet carpet underlay and wooden floors


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