Emergency Water Damage Services

Water damage to carpets, floors, mattresses, home and office contents, rugs, wet office chairs.

For the last ten years we have been helping businesses recover from water damage in Sydney and now in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. If any any of these happen to you – burst pipe storm damage, washing machine flooding, dish washer flooding or ceiling leaks, fish tank overflow, bathroom water leak – we are the professionals for the job. We guarantee fast drying and no mould. Call us now on 0488 963 678.

Our water damage services include:

Water Damaged Carpet Repairs

"Carpets and rugs should be regularly aired and cleaned to prevent mould. If carpet flooding occurs it is important to clean and dry the carpet immediately or preferably within 24-48 hours to prevent mould growing. Water damaged carpets and building materials can harbour moulds and bacteria. Without professional carpet restoration after a flood or leak, it may be necessary to remove the carpet as the mould may be impossible to remove completely."

Carpet water extraction involves the excess water in the carpet and underlay being extracted / removed with a powerful extraction machine. Carpet water extraction services become easy with Refresh carpet. We have the right equipment for any water damage job.

We accept credit cards, EFT, cheque, bank deposit, cash, PayPal and insurance payments. We always try to make it easy for our customers.

Water damage to your carpets can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. When treated quickly, carpet damage is minimised and carpet restoration costs reduced. Cleaning your carpets with a micro-ban solution helps prevent mould and mildew. Our professional carpet water damage restoration methods utilise advanced air movers which propel large quantities of air along floors, carpets and walls in order to reduce drying time.

Whether you have a flood, or unexpected leak damaging your carpet, we fully understand the urgency of removing the water from the carpet and underlay as soon as possible. Experts agree, carpet water damage occurs within the first 48 hours. Reduce your costs and the likelihood of mould and mildew in your carpet by acting quickly.

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