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Injectidry Timber Floor Drying Restoration

We are certified professionals that care and are dedicated about drying structure of residential and commercial properties.

‘A dry structure is a healthy place’

Improper drying of wood floors can result in staining, odor, mould growth and compromised structure integrity.

Refresh guarantee all of our drying projects. We use state of the art devices thermal imaging and moisture readings, as well as wood drying equipment needed to effectively dry your premises. We also offer Free delivery and set up of our drying equipment.

We provide for insurance purposes written reports moisture readings and thermal imaging. You can rest assure you will always receive 1st class service with us.

Al types of wood flooring require a special drying process like our injector dry system. Most people believe the only way to fix water damage wood flooring is by replacing them, but this isn’t always the case.

Different types of wood floors are Australian Beech, Blackbutt, Brushbox, rose Gum, forest reds, grey iron bark, Red Ironbark, Jarrah, Karri, Mesa mate, New England Oak, spotted oak,sydney blue gum, Tallowwood, Tasmania oak,

When you call us as soon as possible before they begin to buckle up. Wood floor buckling is when the nails begin to pull through the floor. In most cases we can save your wooden floors if you attend to it fairly quickly. The most efficient way to dry timber flooring is through our injector drying system. Injectidry Timber Floor Drying Restoration The black panels you see in the picture above have been placed on the timber floors with an air tight seal placed around the edges. The small yellow lines that you see are then attached on one side to holes in the panel. The other end of the line is connected to the larger yellow suction line. This line is connected to the Injectidry system forming a suction underneath the panels. Air will travel from between the subfloor and the timber floor through the grooves between the boards, bringing with it any moisture. This system combined with very dry air from our desiccant dehumidifiers will pull the moisture right out of the wood to dry them out 100%.

When dealing with any water loss, a fast response time is a critical factor in mitigating the loss, and it is especially important in the case of hardwood floors. The longer they are wet, the greater the chance that buckling will occur. So the next time you’re dealing with a wet hardwood floor, don’t just count it as a loss, count on Refresh Restoration to get it dried fast! Injectidry Timber Floor Drying Restoration 2 When water is left on a wood floor, or if excessive moisture rises from below the subfloor, it becomes trapped between the wood floor and the subfloor. Cupping (left) occurs when the top of the wood dries faster than the bottom of the wood or when the moisture is absorbed by the underside and causes it to expand, raising the edges.

The biggest mistake that can be made is to sand the floor flat while it is still retaining moisture. This leaves the wood with thinner edges than the center. After the floor dries completely the edges shrink and flatten back into position, but now since the top of the edges have been sanded, the center of each strip is higher the the edges. This is called a crowned floor.

In situations where it’s too late to save your wood floors we also remove them and dispose of them and provide you professional reports with photos.

Call us today for fast restoration response! We service all Sydney metro suburbs in efficient timely manner. Water damage before and after in 2015. A common area and stairs of apartment blocks in Abbotsford. Water flooding from burst pipe. Carpets, underlay and walls are dried by carpet air dryers / blowers and moisture is removed with a commercial dehumidifier. Moisture reading is taken to check level of moisture in floors, carpet and walls.

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