Emergency water damage drying for all floor surfaces & Structural Surfers Paradise

Refresh carpet cleaning are your local restoration experts, we are fast response in Surfers Paradise when you are in need or have an emergency flood damage, water damage, or structural drying need. We are your professional experts.

Wild weather, storm damage and continuous heavy rain. can result in major water damage to both residential and commercial buildings. But it’s not only external forces that threaten your home, If you have ever left the bath/ sink running, had the washing machine overflow or the dishwasher leak everywhere? Even a flexi hose can bust underneath the vanity. Accidents can happen and when it does Refresh carpet cleaning are there to help you with your emergency drying and clean up.

We are 24/7 Emergency services in Surfers paradise, we can be at your premises within 1hr of your initial call.

Please rest assured your in safe hands with Refresh carpet cleaning for all your water damage drying restoration services.

We come to you do an assessment and walk you through the whole process and you are always kept up to date with the process.

We take photos for your records/ insurance purposes set up the necessary equipment needed to do the rapid drying restoration for your premises. And take readings each day and re-arrange the equipment each day.

And take moisture reading during the drying process.

About Refresh Carpet Cleaning


If a storm flooded your home, insurance companies generally prefer that you contact us before them. So if your basement, house, or business has a water damage/flood, contact Refresh carpet cleaning as soon as it’s safe to do so. We will get our van to your location as fast as possible, perform an inspection, and with your permission, start removing the water from the property.

The first step is to extract all water from the affected areas. Once all water is removed, our restorers use powerful dryers/ blowers and commercial dehumidifiers to dry the water/moisture in the walls/floors underlay and carpets.

The timeframe for water extraction is unknown, as it really depends on the extent of the water found on the premises. After the drying stage, moisture meters and thermal imaging are used to ensure that the area is 100 % dry. We take this extra step to give you peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about mold developing down the line. With Refresh carpet cleaning you are guaranteed no mould.

Generally, this takes three or five days, though it might take longer if there is significant damage, but we will communicate this with you throughout the restoration process.

Yes all our technician are trained and have Restoration Certification (IICRC)

Refresh carpet cleaning will give you a general estimate before we do the works so this gives you an idea of what expense you will be paying, read though your insurance policy to see what type of cover you have.

If you suffered significant flooding, contact us right away to get the water damage under control. However, there are some signs of water damage to be aware of if your house didn’t experience a significant flood. Peeling paint and wallpaper, visible mold, moisture and condensation, musty odors, and damp or wet carpets and rugs are all common signs.

They sound like fans blowing, the more you leave them on the quicker the restoration process will take to be complete.

This question depends on two things first, the extent of the water damage to your property and two, how quickly you call us. What may be moderate water damage can worsen to severe water damage if time is taken to address the situation. Each home/ commercial property is different, as each situation and issue is different. We use punctuality, promptness, and creative solutions to restore your home like new. Regardless of the issue, we are dedicated to revitalizing your property as quickly and effectively as we can.

As soon as it is safe to do so, Refresh carpet cleaning is 24/7 Services 365 days a year.

Our dedication and professionalism prompt response is what makes Refresh carpet cleaning your local experts when disaster strikes. Please call/text us on 0488 963 678 or alternatively can email us to refcarpetcleaning@gmail.com

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