Emergency flood cleaning Sydney

Sydney emergency flood cleaning did you leave a tap on and flood your premises? Now your not sure what to do don’t worry Refresh Carpet Cleaning is here to the rescue for all types of flooding in Sydney we come to you. We are emergency mobile 24/7.

Have you had a washing machine leak on to your floors? Refresh Carpet Cleaning will be at your premises within an hour to start the drying process by extracting the water of your hard floors or carpet then carpet drying equipment ie dryers, dehumidifiers and HEPA filters will be set up to dry the contents and structure of your premises, we will do moisture and thermal imaging readings we will bring back your premises in minimal time.

Have you had a fish tank burst or leak on your floors? Call the experts carpet water damage warehouse

Has your flexi hose exploded under your vanity? And flooded your premises Please don’t panic we will do all that’s necessary to dry up your property in minimal time.

Has hot water system leaked on your floors or carpet? We will arrive asap to start the drying process for you the sooner you call us the better outcome you have in saving your property and valuables.

Are you insured? No problem we document everything write up reports take photos before and after for your records or for your insurance company. There is no need for upfront payment for insurance claims we will wait until the insurance pays you the you pay us.

Emergency Flood Cleaning Sydney
Day or night Refresh Carpet Cleaning will come to you in all Smetro Suburbs we are 24/7 services mobile. We also remove water damaged wooden floors. Call the experts for all your water damaged wet carpet or wet wooden floor needs. We also do free assessments on all emergency carpet and floor water damage.

Safety of emergency flood cleaning for you

If your fish tank burst take care of the glass that shattered of it’s not safe for you to clean it we will use all safety measures to remove the glass, residue and water please rest assure.

If your washing machine hose leaked on your floors that’s a hazard if it’s safe to do so remove all electrical and items from the water affected areas by switching the main power off.

Refresh Carpet Cleaning takes all the safety measures and precautions to remove and save all that’s possible in an emergency water flooding situation.

If you have had sewage contaminated water come into your property we will take all the necessary measures to protect and prevent contamination of your home or commercial property as carpet water damage warehouse carries all kinds of safety equipment to complete each job safety for you our clients and as well as our technicians.

Has your ceiling collapsed in a flooding? Stay clear of the affected area until our technician arrived to safely remove the debris and water and safety start the drying process.

Emergency Flood Cleaning in Sydney, Brisbane & Cleaning

Why are we different?

We are fast reliable we carrying no slip signs and electrical cable covers for safety

At Refresh Carpet Cleaning we discuss with you your options on saving and restoring your property. We use modern devices thermal imaging and moisture readers to get a clean look and view on how much water damage they’re in at your property. We are mobile equipment hire where we come to you in emergency flood situations. We use water stick sensors to detect where water is on dark coloured carpet.

Call the experts Refresh Carpet Cleaning 24/7 services

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