Dehumidifier Hire Sydney

Dehumidifier is essential in absorbing all the water/ moisture in walls, floors, carpet and in the airs atmosphere. Water gets withdrawn through the dehumidifier and runs through the dehumidifier’s hose into a drain or big bucket, dehumidifier’s are safe and made to run no stop throughout a 24 hour cycle. The dehumidifier isn’t only removing moisture and water it also removes odour after water damage the wet musty smell you get after a water damage disaster. For any health hazards after water damage it’s beneficial to have a dehumidifier installed together with carpet dryers as they work together to get the job done efficiently. So you get 100% water/ moisture and bad odour’s removed with the commercial dehumidifier. As we do moisture readings to check how drying is going during the drying process, and gives us a good indication of how much drying is left.

We store different sizes of dehumidifiers for all types of jobs. We deliver, set up and monitor the dehumidifier for you. As we are 24/7 emergency services.

How to set up dehumidifier

We put the dehumidifier in the area that is most affected and plug it into the wall socket on the dehumidifier there will be a power button on top then you will hear the dehumidifier working and it’s on it will show you on the screen the humidity percentage and moisture overall, we make sure the dehumidifier is on a smooth surface away from the wall or anything surrounding it as hot air will flow from the back of it, and a cool carpet dryer is installed with it to help air flow and moisture, sometimes the dryer is put behind or in front of the dehumidifier. For any info on commercial dehumidifier contact us 24/7 on 0488 963 678.

Dehumidifyer Hire Sydney
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