Wet Carpet Restoration Sydney

When disaster strikes and you have flooded wet carpets on your hands, it is imperative the issue is addressed immediately. When left, flooded carpets can begin to grow mould almost immediately and once this occurs, the carpet becomes a health risk.

Many moulds are highly toxic and begin to grow within the first day of water exposure. Mould and fungi can be detrimental especially to children, the immunocompromised, older and asthmatic people, and can infect humans with fungal diseases. Carpet moulds can even cause serious illness through the toxins they produce.

When it comes to a flood water emergency affecting your carpet, Refresh Carpet Restoration is number one in Sydney for commercial and residential carpets. We have the right equipment for big or small wet carpet repair jobs.

Mould Treatment of Carpet in Sydney

Refresh Carpet Cleaning:

You need professional carpet water extractors with a wealth of knowledge and experience to address your carpet damage emergency with expert care and professionalism. We know your carpets are valuable and our job is to salvage and restore them.

Refresh Carpet Cleaning knows how to detect moisture and extract it as quickly as possible.

We are very proud of our No Mould Guarantee!

Whether you have water damage to your carpets, or unexpected leaks, we fully understand the urgency of restoring the wet carpet as soon as possible. Experts agree that carpet water damage occurs within the first 48 hours. Reduce your costs and the likelihood of mould and mildew by restoring your carpets quickly.

You can expect first class carpet damage restoration and wet carpet repairs every time with Refresh Wet Carpet Restoration. Our technicians are experts in wet carpet restoration and carpet damage repairs.

When you choose us you can rest assured you are in safe hands, as we are fully insured and certified.

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