Sydney wild weather storms - 2015 - 2023

November 2018 – January 2019 Refresh Carpet Cleaning were part of the severe storms which occurred during Summer, and we have a wide range of equipment from commercial dehumidifiers, carpet fans, carpet heater fans, air scrubbers and wet vacuums. We were there for all our customers around the clock, recurring customers and new customers. We service banks, clubs, shopping centres, residential and commercial premises.

See photos of the work done recently, during these storms.

Wet Carpet Flood repairs
Flooded Carpet Storm Damage Repairs Sydney

Wet Carpet Water Damage Repairs - Before and After

Water damage before and after in 2015. A common area and stairs of apartment blocks in Abbotsford. Water flooding from burst pipe. Carpets, underlay and walls are dried by carpet air dryers / blowers and moisture is removed with a commercial dehumidifier. Moisture reading is taken to check level of moisture in floors, carpet and walls.

Carpet Water Damage repairs Abbotsford
Carpet extraction in 2018 by Refresh Carpet Cleaning.
Carpet Water Extraction by Refresh Carpet Cleaning
Carpet water extraction 24 hours, 7 days a week, 2018.
Carpet Water Extraction 24/7
Drying underneath wet carpet, 2018.
Drying Underneath Wet Carpet
Drying wet concrete 2018, by Refresh carpet cleaning.
Wet Concrete Drying
Emergency wet carpet repairs, water damage under furniture, 2018.
Emergency Wet Carpet Damage under Furniture
Replacing smooth edge and wet underlay 2018.
Replacing smooth edge and wet underlay
Smelly mould underlay repairs, 2018, by Refresh carpet cleaning.
Moldy Underlay
Water damage in linen cupboard, 2018.
Wet Carpet Drying
Wet carpet drying, 2018, by Refresh carpet cleaning
Wet Carpet Drying
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