Water Damaged Wet Carpet and Health

Why do some carpets start to smell bad after carpet water damage? When mould starts to spread underneath the wet carpet, wet underlay and smooth edge, it could be from secondary water damage such as the carpet not being dried properly.

Smelly carpet treatment – Do you have bad odour coming from your carpets? We have the solution!

Smelly carpets after water damage or leaks – it could be mould under the carpet affecting the rubber underlay and the smooth edges, or the bad smelly carpet could have moisture in it, or the carpet water extraction wasn’t done the right way. Smelly carpet at work or at home is hazard. We come and Refresh your carpet after a flood or emergency leak. We have laser devices to track the mould and moisture.

Recently, we had a customer in Sydney who came to us after paying another carpet restoration company money to dry their carpet. They weren’t happy, so they called us on a Sunday, to come and assess why the carpet was smelly. Smelly carpet affects the whole house.

Capet Water Damage Repairs and health

We sent our technician, a carpet restorer and carpet repairer, and a carpet steam cleaning technician to do a moisture check on the carpet, underlay and concrete. The results showed 99% moisture in the walls and 99% moisture in the carpet, AND 99% moisture in both the underlay and concrete. This was the same after 4 days. The other company had just dried the top of the carpet and set up a dryer, again only drying the top of the carpet.

We removed the underlay and the smooth edges and applied antibacterial treatment on the concrete and set up a commercial dehumidifier and dryers. When we came back the second day, the moisture reading device read 4%. We then applied microban and returned 2 days later, and the smell had disappeared from the room. We re-laid new underlay and smooth edges, re-stretched the carpet back into position. Then we did a hot carpet steam clean.

The customer was very happy. That’s what happens when you choose the wrong company to restore your carpets, it’s a waste of your time and money.

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