Refresh Mobile Carpet Dryer Rental: Your Solution for Wet Carpets

At Refresh Carpet Dryer Rental, we specialize in delivering and setting up carpet air dryers around the clock in the Sydney metro areas, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. Our service includes convenient delivery, free setup, and free pick-up, along with a complimentary assessment and moisture reading reports.

Versatile Application for Residential and Commercial Needs

Our carpet air dryers are perfect for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you need to dry carpets in bedrooms, concrete floors, hallways, lounge rooms, or commercial spaces like offices, factories, schools, shops, and banks, our equipment is up to the task.

Hire Carpet Dryers in Sydney Brisbane and Gold Coast

What Sets Us Apart in Carpet Air Dryer Rental

Our difference lies in our meticulous setup of carpet air dryers, ensuring they are positioned correctly for maximum efficiency. We guarantee the safety and continuous operation of our dryers, available 24/7. With full insurance coverage, we confidently serve Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast areas.

Additional Equipment Rental Services

In addition to carpet air dryers, we offer commercial dehumidifiers (both 120 litres and 60 litres a day capacity) and air scrubbers. Our experienced teams are available 24/7 to meet your needs. For more information on our carpet air dryers or additional services, please visit our website.

Air Scrubber Rental

An Air Scrubber is a vital tool for filtering air in areas with minimal airflow or windows. It removes particles, gases, and chemicals, ensuring a clean environment. Our Air Scrubbers are available for hire at $99 per day, including free setup and delivery.

Comprehensive Wet Floor Removal and Restoration Services

We offer a range of services to address water-damaged floors:

Our wet floor removal and restoration team are experienced and trusted. For inquiries, contact us via email or fill out our enquiry form on our website.

Air Scrubber Hire Sydney Brisbane and Gold Coast
Air Scrubbers for removing bacteria and toxins

Rapid Response for Flood and Leak Emergencies

Understanding the urgency of water damage, we’re ready to address your needs, especially during the critical first 48 hours to prevent mould and mildew.

Expect Excellence with Refresh Water Damage Carpet Restoration Services

Choose us for top-notch water damage carpet repairs and restoration. Our certified technicians are experts in water damage restoration and carpet repairs, ensuring your peace of mind with our fully insured service.

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