Animal Accidents – Remove Stains and Odours

Whether you have a doggy or a kitty (or something more unusual), there are times when, no matter how well house trained they are, ’accidents’ happen.

Soiling accidents are an inevitable part of the pleasure of owning an animal, but they can be a nuisance to clean.

Animal soiling inside your house can leave odours for a long time, and can stain your beautiful carpets. Here are a few sure fire ways to remove pet stains and odours.

Urine soiled areas can be hidden, and hard to treat since they are relatively colourless and can soak right into carpet fibres. To treat fresh urine-wet areas, blot up as much of the wet area as you can with old rags or paper towels.

Then you can use a warm water and disinfectant to wash and clean the area, blotting, rather than rubbing-in the water. Alternatively, you can use 3 parts warm water with 1 part white vinegar to clean the spot.

When the spot is almost dry, if there is a stain, you can then apply a stain remover such as baking soda and leave to dry, then vacuum. If the stain persists, call Refresh Carpet Cleaning. We will apply urine spot treatment chemicals.

Alternatively, you can try a stain/odour removal spray available from your local supermarket, or your vet.

Cleaning poop is a little messier and you will need a paint scraper or similar, to scrape up any runny areas. Remove the bulk of the poop and dispose of it. Use the scraper or an old knife to remove any runny or smudged bits.

Then use a mild water/liquid detergent mix to gently pat the stained area. Leave and treat with a pre-wash stain remover; any stain remover that says ’oxy-action’ will be sufficient. Leave on stain for about 30 minutes or more, then gently wash the affected area again with the cold soapy water. Repeat spray and rub process until stain is removed. For really stubborn stains, call in Refresh Carpet Cleaning!

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