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Who Are We at Refresh Carpet Cleaning?

Welcome to Refresh Carpet Cleaning, a family-owned and family-operated business specializing in carpet cleaning and restoration. We cater to both domestic and commercial clients, ranging from individual homes to large corporate entities.

Our journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the leading carpet restoration companies in Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our customers.

Refresh Carpet Cleaning
Emergency Carpet Cleaning

Our Start in Emergency Carpet Cleaning

It all began with an emergency cleaning service in Sydney. Our first assignment? Six flooded apartments in Liverpool. Interestingly, our first job came from the signage on our car, noticed by a property manager in need of urgent help.

At that time, we were so new to the industry that we didn’t own our equipment. We hired carpet dryers and dived into the task of water extraction and carpet relay. The successful completion of this job marked our entry into the emergency carpet water extraction business. This was back in 2006, a pivotal year where we worked alongside some of the industry’s big names in Sydney and Brisbane to refine our skills. Eventually, we expanded our inventory with 200 air dryers and achieved certification.

Embracing the Online World

In 2008, we embraced the digital age, launching our first website. This move positioned us as one of the pioneers among flood restoration companies online in Sydney and Brisbane. Later, our services extended to the Gold Coast. Our growth has been steady, marked by continuous upskilling and expanding our inventory.

Refresh Carpet Cleaning Today

Today, Refresh Carpet Cleaning stands as a major player in the carpet restoration industry, not just in Sydney, but also in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our comprehensive inventory supports our emergency flood damage services across all three locations.

We’ve earned the trust of well-known Australian companies, thanks to our reliable emergency flood damage team, available 24/7. Why are we available round the clock? Because that’s when emergencies occur. They can happen anytime, and we’re always ready.

Our promise? To be on-site within an hour with the necessary equipment, skilled staff, and the experience to handle any wet mess, big or small.

The Equipment We Use

And for those who just love details...

And we know how to use it!

Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast
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Emergency Wet Carpet Services We Provide

These are some of the search terms our clients may use to find us…
Emergency Carpet Cleaning in Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast

Emergency water damage restoration

No job too big
No job too small

Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast

We do Structural Drying too!

As well as carpet drying, carpet repair and carpet relaying, we can also assist with structural drying.

What is structural drying? It’s all about removing all traces of water and dampness from the structure of the building. You know, the ‘bones’ of the building. To avoid future trouble like mould and mildew, the ‘innards’ of your building need to be fully dry with all moisture gone. Structural drying takes care of that.

So we have the gear to take moisture readings and to do thermal imaging to assess the hidden moisture content in the structure (things the naked eye cannot see) and provide a written report with photos.

Btw, getting a formal report like this before you buy a house is a great idea.

Rug Steam Cleaning

We also handle non-emergency carpet care


Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast

24 Hours, 7 Days a week - We Never Sleep!

Today we can take care of almost anything you need after a water damage event, whatever the cause, whether it’s…

Who can we help? And Whos been calling us?

Remediation & Restoration, whats the difference?

Remediation is all about cleaning up the damage caused by the flood event.

Restoration is about returning your property to the way it was before the flooding. Restoration is about repairing the damage and returning your home or business facility to its original condition.

Why you can trust us

We have earned a first class reputation for responding fast and providing same day service.

Our technicians are IICRC certified and we follow industry-leading structural drying techniques to restore moisture and humidity to safe levels. And, as needed, they can also remediate any mould growth.

Just call us on 0428 997 684 and we’ll get to work on that wet mess for you with a minimum of disruption.

We can get you set up with the appropriate specialised drying equipment which may include structural dryers, dehumidifiers, air movers, and/or air scrubbers.

Our team members are professional, reliable and polite (and fully insured), so you’ll feel comfortable and safe while we’re taking care of business.

Emergency water damage restoration specialists
(since 2006)

Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast

Can I dry flooded, wet carpet myself?

Wet Carpet Drying - Emergency Carpet Cleaning

It is natural to ask, ’Can I dry my water damaged carpets myself using heaters and/or equipment for hire?’. However, it must be noted there is a lot more to drying carpet than it appears on the surface. What many people do not realise is what is happening at a sub carpet level, such as …

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